Black Praise and Worship Video – Marvin Sapp’s “Never Would Have Made It”

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One of my favorite Gospel songs, Marvin Sapp’s “Never Would Have Made It”.

Marvin Sapp’s official music video for ‘Never Would Have Made It’.


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Never would have made it
Never could have made it without You
I would have lost it all
But now I see how You were there for me

And I can say
Never would have made it
Never could have made it
Without You

I would have lost it all
But I now I see
How You were there for me
And I can say

I’m stronger, I’m wiser
I’m better, much better

When I look back
Over all You brought me through
I can see that You were the One
I held on to

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Keshawn Sayles says:

I never could have made it

Jus Fadezz says:

I know this to be true!! I was in hell for four long years and God delivered me from it and I praise Him for it!!!

Cameo Watts says:

I would have Never made it through countless trials in life I woulda Neva made it without you!!! Thankyou Lord!!πŸ˜‡I'm stronger,I'm wiser!

Carole Bell says:

GOD has always been there 4 me and mines even thou they may not see it I do and God know I do I'll keep my faith strong just for my 3 boys

Nira Coleman says:


Minuette Dillingham says:

I love this song oh my God it is so amazing. yes Lord. glory yes Jesus yes whoo

Sunset W. says:

always by my side (God) ,I'm wiser so much better

Sense says:

time to sample

Dontarious Wallace says:

God has saved me and lifted me up and it makes me feel so good and all demons try to do is put me down it was like as I was singing I here sounds and I feel something touching me I prayed about it and at night they keep me up and try to destroy me but I'll just put it all in God's hand

Joe Bradipo says:

God bless you all

Dashaun Perales says:

I lost my auntie from cancer

LilMiracle Burkett says:

God would help all of us if we believe in him πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ƒ

Katerria mccarthy says:

never would have made it

lece small says:

I thank God for gospel music it really calms me It makes me think about all the times I was going through hard times and I'm still standing

Nadine Allen says:

I have made it through Christ. Phillipians 4vs 13, I found myself mumbling this in lab class this morning. I work as an Lpn, single mother. Now trying to get into nursing school, took the exam and pass 3/4 test 2yrs ago. Recently, I had to repeat this exam to get into an RN program. I failed 3/4 but, God is good I'm able to try again. I work full-time with double shift back to back. I'm in class all day doing prerequisites classes, then after that I have to get to work. 3-11pm on a advance dementia/behavior unit. I am not able to absorb sometimes what I have studied. I just keep praying because everything will be ok. I'm at work about to study on my break. my car died on my while I was about to leave for work. thankful it wasn't when I was on the highway coming from school. My kids I wished that I could be home now but they are supportive. I'm able to smile after I cry because God is able and awesome. So if anyone have any storm around them just know that you can not make it without him…pray he listens.

Philip Jackson says:

If it is The Lord's will ever since my mom has been on life support since Saturday,24,2017 i pray that she will recover from this step in her life and will wake up better than she was i pray it in the name of Jesus Christ only If it is the lord's will Amen.

Shelley Turner says:

No matter how dark it may get at times, remember that Jesus Christ is that light at the end of that tunnel. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us! Trust, believe and have faith. To God be all the glory! Love to you all!!

Jinger Mason says:

You are healed claim it it's yours Erica

Jinger Mason says:

thank u Lord for being are healer and ever sickness. Glory to you God u are worthy to be praised

Sincerely Nae says:

lost my mother at 5, lost my grandma at 18 to breath cancer, had a miscarriage the next year.. if it hadn't been for god I would've given up along time ago! I'm 6 months pregnant now. thank you Jesus!

Officially Liv Savage says:

I never could have made it without the lord

Timmira Carruth says:

I never would've have made it.. I'm πŸ’ͺ I'm wiser, I'm better so much betterrrr, I made it,I made itπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Gabbi Dodson says:

my grandma has cancer this is her have song it's makes me cry πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Gladson Lucas says:

i speak portuguese

Kathleen Simpson says:

God Bless you Andrea X

Kathleen Simpson says:

May God Bless you Erica X

morris donald says:

I love this song

Eyvonne Jones says:

I do not try to get people to Understand me, God is the Only One that has "That Matter Of Opinion " I am concerned about. Everyone Else take a look in the Mirror.

Eyvonne Jones says:

People try to use the pass against me to keep me imprisoned In Thier World because they want to blame me for their mistakes and unhappiness and misgivings

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