Praise Music Video of MercyMe’s “Dear Younger Me” (Lyric Video)

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Enjoy this Praise and Worship Music Video of MercyMe’s “Dear Younger Me” with Lyrics on Screen.  From the album “Welcome To The New”

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tracey parkinson says:

Even though I Love this crazy life, sometimes I wish it was a Smoother Ride!! My, my, my, Truer Words were never Spoken! Amen

Rosemary Elm says:

Part of this music reminded me of the music in Spirit.

Britney XoXo says:


Isaac says:

dear younger me, life gets tough. be careful of your choices. one choice could lead to the worst mistake of you life

Philip Leichty says:

This song is so healing where I'm at not at 68 years old. I feel like it was written for me.

Carl Curtis Smith says:

I love you Allison Elizabeth

VeedaLynn Moad-Hale says:

Played this video with three of five grown children children who were attentive.🌟

foreveryoung says:

Dear younger me , don't marry the man that will hurt you sooooo bad!!!.. But what about my two beautiful children…?

Katie Cline says:

I heard this song in church before I found my special needs class (It's a much better fit) but I still listion to this song every single day

D'eshawn Garrett says:

Love Jesus Christ and love will save you for the fear of the sanit plans

Tira Heywang says:

Dear younger me I'm sorry for everything your going to have to deal with when your a teen and I'm sorry for everything that you had to deal with as a child because it sucked ass

Eric Nix says:

I wish I would have known more then I gave my blessings for children to a woman that don't even care

Samsbadusername Sam niles says:

This song Gives a wrong message, Jesus is our strength not we.

Gina Caldwell says:

dear younger me, if I hadn't married the man who was bad to me he probably never would have gotten saved, I wouldn't have had two sons, my gifts from God, and my 3 grandchildren wouldn't exist. and I don't know if I would have been born again even though I've always believed in Jesus. I could know the name of my Mayer, and address, and know how many kids they had, but that's not the same as actually knowing them personally, like having a close relationship with Jesus Christ the Savior. so I guess it turned out good, since God has everyone covered. dear younger me, just be grateful that Jesus called you 35 years ago and you listened, which brought me so close to Jesus that He's my Everything, and I live for Him everyday and evernight. thanks Jesus for saving us all ✝ ❤

InAnother Life says:

Dear younger me yea I wish I knew then what I know now, but the not knowing makes the journey so much better.
so do the things that scare you cause you're gonna do it anyway

Manuel Amaya says:

Dear younger me. You have everything that I don't have now. Dear younger you are Happy boy but I am suffer man now.

Kwami Makolle says:

love this song

9 8 says:

chills down my spine

Sheza Healey says:

Lovely…a friend shared this with me and the song inspires me and makes me feel stronger.

daisha parker says:

I love this song too

Sam Warren says:

I remember when I first herd this song. They had always played it right after church service. it took me a while to find it and when I did, the lyrics connected to me on a spiritual level. I am dealing with allot of past regret and mistakes, sometimes I wish I could go back in time and do it all over again to avoid meeting the people that caused me to have allot of pain. back then I wasn't Christian I was faking it to please my mom who was verry spiritual. I ended up sleeping with my best friend who was lying and manipulating me at the age of 13. I just wish that I could learn to forgive myself for all of the wrong I did, but this song is helping me learn that God is on my side.

MostlymoparIH says:

Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choices and the right decisions and if I had done things differently would things be better. My wife and I knew that our youngest son wanted us to have another child. He wanted to have a younger brother or sister that he could take care of that he could teach and do it the right way, which of course would be his way. My wife and I love kids as evidenced by the fact that Matthew our youngest was our seventh child. Matthew was praying that we would have one more child. We prayed about it and finally decided to love each other for a year and let God make the decision for us. During this year I lost my job and still we trusted in God. Eleven months go by and still nothing and the time was almost up and I was really glad that nothing had happened because I was out of a job. Well we were almost to the point of taking over the family planning again when my wife got pregnant. Now that Matthew's prayers were answered I was looking for the Lord to answer my prayers of a new job. One month later I got a new job and eight months later our bonus baby was born. Years later I went through depression and if God had not blessed us with our bonus baby I'm not sure I would be here today. She was the reason I plugged on. She was my reason for living and I thank God for my bonus baby.

Alejandro Calderon says:

That is exactly what I think of the Lord ,He doesn't condemned any body He saves every body and all we have to do is believe my friends

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