Contemporary Praise Music Video – Overwhelmed [Big Daddy Weave]

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Enjoy this awesome Contemporary Praise Music of Big Daddy Weave’s “OverWhelmed”.  When you consider how wonderful God is You Can Be Overwhelmed…

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Rich Castro says:

I got baptised yesterday God is Good

Rich Castro says:

God is amazing

solomon rein says:

Amen amen, I heard the Kids and came for the video which turnout to be where I came from.
God doesn’t look down on us as we look at each other, that’s why He is God and He will remain God forever
Bless you guys BDW

Jimmy Hagan says:

Beautiful song by a great singer! We serve a wonderful God

Cindy Jones says:

I can't wait to see BDW this summer 6/23/19!!

Angie Bonilla says:

This song has to be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard

Nina Effiom says:

This song just takes one into the presence of God. Such a beautiful, beautiful song. God bless you big daddy Weave! More grace.

Michael Waga says:

S h i n e I found you where I left you I've missed you all day thanks for coming back again💓

Pete P. says:

Beautiful beautiful music. Hope those beautiful voices shared the rewards and benefitted on the royalties of the song. Amazing to see them put on the map. God is great 👍

maestro says:

Very nice song, thank you Big Daddy

yuvgotubekidding says:

So what are the children singing and what is the translation?

Nelia Sky says:

God is love … am overwhelmed by you God… nice song

Peter Piper says:

U taught u was slick but u got caught u fuckin punk no mercy for u

Denise Brokaw-Helms says:

I saw you in Tampa; not sure the year; but I have a beautiful boy Azizul in Bangledesh; I love him like he is my own; if you ever go there please let me know;

Well I Ain't Never says:

All the world needs to see this video!! May GOD Bless You for making it!!!

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