Worship Video of “Because of Who You Are” by Vicki Yohe [Lyrics]

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Worship Video with Lyrics on Screen of “Because of Who You Are” by Vicki Yohe.  Join in and Sing Along to this Awesome Worship Song.

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Krista Brewer says:

I love this song

Sam davis says:

Lord should be all caps LORD to represent Jehovah GOD

lena Michaels says:

I love this one

Natasha Latortue says:

I thank god everyday for my family n friends. And, praise him n thank him for everything!!

Lynn David says:

Good afternoon today message is worship go to Genesis chapter 24 verse 26 And the man bowed down his head, and worshiped the Lord . Worship means completely surrender just remember Jesus coming back God bless

Alex Sunkar says:

Please my brethren in the Christ. I need your prayers and I believe as you do my Father in Heaven will continue to bless you and your family, Amen and thank you!!!
My name is Chikeluo Basil Obiorah

Jacqueline Shirley says:

HEY YOU…your next….your next to let god inside your heart believe because he is tha only man that will help break bondage that has occured over your life just let his spirit seep into you let him show you whats going to happen in your next season hopefully he'll do the same for me lord o god i give you praise full fill me with your voice let me jump for joy please show me tha way to your kingdom i cry when i think of not making it to you please i cry o god o god im dramatic over you i love you amen….im 14 so it might be sloppy sowwyyyyyy

Sierra Day says:

This song touchs me every time I hear it I sang this song at my mom's death bed before she died 2014

Peter Andre Karran says:

Lord I worship you forever and ever…. everyday that I wake up i must thank you for this life I love you Lord

Nobles Miko says:

Hello ever I’m askin gods children to please keep me and my family in prayer I’m goin threw so much health wise I’m trying to stay strong but it hard I can’t do it by myself I’m ask that y’all keep my daughter in prayer she headed down the wrong road I can’t keep stressing it’s not good for my heart so ask can y’all pray for my family thank u

Antonio Harvey says:

I want to worship the lord and give thank for waking up an giving me strength everyday

Mary Justice says:

Amen 🙏 glory to God! Awesome God!

Lady Joe says:


Angela Prince says:

This song is sooo…. AMAZING my father in heaven is such a awesome god, I play this song all day every day I love the Lord his worthy to be praised. Thank you Lord Just believe Amen x

acgillis1 says:

I was born to worship🙏

allie crain says:

God I am forever grateful that you died to give me life! You continue to use me and I am so blessed to call you my father! I am a better mother, daughter and friend because of you! Thank u

Luga Lal says:

We sing this song everyday when me and my children gather together for worship.

FreeMans Jazz Band says:

It said because of fool you are to god the translation below the lyrics is bad.

tt sqaud tt says:

My momma had two brain and spinal surgery but she ok just pray for are family

Shaniah Kelly says:

My Lord is the best

SerinaPlayzXOXØ LoveHeart says:

JESUS IS ARE DADDY THANK YOU DADDY JESUS FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE IN MY LIFE ;D And Thank you for my mom..my mom made me live because..
I had kidney failure
Because of my mom she gave me her kidney to live!
And she died for me..
Till this day I miss her but that's why I worship god
I worship him for giving me a life
And a caring mother
I am 11 years old now
believing in god
God has brought me grace in my life
Don't get me wrong..
I miss my mom 🙁 and my dad is abusive
But I will pray
And pray to Jesus
Till one day..
I'm free!
To all Christians out there
thank you so much for supporting Jesus Christ

rosemaryalderson Alderson says:

Lord I worship you because of Who you are

Debbie Moore says:

' Lord, I worship you because of who you are. I love worshipping him. He's my everything!

Mama Dee says:

After 2 years of trying to conceive suffering a miscarraige I am now pregnant with what I know is my testimony my healthy whole baby I have been granted the petition of my heart and will carry this baby full term thank you Jesus

Erica Sutton says:

God is still incontrol

Alexia Butler says:

I remember singing this at devotion at school in the mornings when I used to attend high school 😄 my fav song 😇

Cycy Vital says:

My prince of peace 🙌🙌🙌🙏

sanijohn services says:

Glory to GOD

Joseph Gregory says:

i can feel the spirt of the lord when she sings this song. Because of who you are my God my Prince Of Peace. I thank you Jesus for sparing me.

Nita Mitchell says:

I will worship u

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