Praise and Worship Music – Kirk Whalum Live on “Sunday’s Best” (Christian Jazz)

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Christian Jazz from Kirk Whalum and friends..

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john mcnoriell says:

When you need to know the Spirit of Truth embraces our "Sunday's Best"!

Cleophus Knighting says:

hello BWB from the jazz central…………………………….

Adebayoh Johnson says:

I love this!

Kholofelo Mashitisho says:

almost brings tears to my eyes. The beauty in this is amazing

Joe Fidnarick says:

meant to be Sade's ex Horn man

Bridget F says:

I live in Raleigh,NC and Kirk came an did an outside concert in Cary, NC at the Coco Booth an he had on a white linen outfit with a straw hat. His music was SOOOO Beautiful it Lit Up the SKY!!!!! SO GRACEFULLY!!!!!!

ثابت كريم says:

quelle belle

Stan Aoki says:

Beautiful, Kirk Whalum and friends!!

Gabriel E. says:

….the composer sure did a good job leaving behind a nice piece of him.

Daniel Bass says:

Maravilhoso !

Cleophus Knighting says:

the best part of waking up is coffee & jazz

Jestyn Holder says:

great music from great musicians. jonathan butler is missing.

Renee Mcguire says:

oh yes and it sound excellent on my new headsets

James Wagner says:

This is Simply Amazing Music I love It.

Watalas Alves says:

Brasileiros aqui o país não está totalmente perdido ainda tem alguns com bom gosto música hehe o/

Peter Kolobe says:

beautiful song!!

Chante Williams says:

This is absolutely the baddest Jazz song ever!!!

nicky alf says:

buenos dias bendiciones para todos

Luciano Markos says:

Amo la musica❤❤❤❤ brillantes❤💕❤

Erica Fintón says:

Hasta que termine de hablar el pelado

Jairo Barbosa says:

Simplesmente excepcionais, brilhantes e espetaculares!!

Rodrigues Marques. gameplay says:

adorei esse sim é meu estilo de música, a santo jazz

Pedro Thome says:

parece clássico o seja é bom

saux philippe says:

We love you guy's !

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