Praise and Worship Music – Video Mix of BET Sunday’s Best All Stars [Live]

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Over 30 minutes of Praise and Worship Music by BET’s Sunday Best (Video Remix). Enjoy…

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Thanks to Jonathan DesVerney Gospel Channel for putting this together. Salute..

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jay charleston says:

Andrea, Le'Andrea, Jeffrey, and Amber and Tasha Paige will always be my favorites

KatMommy says:

Oh, Ms. Jessica you did the THANG!!!! I so enjoyed what you gave… Thank you!!!!!

Gertrude Hayes says:

Gertrude Hayes like this

tra_2017 Roquemore says:

Leandria reeaalll. Michael, Jacob, Tyrone, Josh, Terrance and many more. Don't look funny, I'm still here!!!

tra_2017 Roquemore says:

I absolutely love, love Jessica Reedy, Y'anna Crawley, Amber Bullock, and LEANDRIA JOHNSON

The Petrol Geek says:


Daniel Posey says:

@ Lisa Jordan amen.

Daniel Posey says:

Miss Crawley is gorgeous and anointed!!!

Daniel Posey says:

Is this worship or entertainment?

Daniel Posey says:

Jessica Ready is gorgeous

Daniel Posey says:

The sista on the drums is bad!!!

Sabrina Wilson says:

hi, i enjoy the first song of the young lady. Can you tell me her name? I would like to get her album (if any).

LifeLine Chronicles says:

Now this is where TV messes us up.. We are taught not to judge but we watch these types of shows where everyone is gifted by God but we are put in a place to pick favorites isn't it sad.. lol But with that said if I had to pick between Geoffrey and Ashton… Ashton would have won … Lord help us all …

Courtney Taylor says:

Jessica Reedy is the truth!!!

Tyana Mizell says:

Ok now keep on watching flesh and miss God

Kurt Moss says:

When I left Hollywood and moved back here to N.C. I wanted to continue playing lead guitar but I am looking to keep my talent in Church. Generally, I'm the only white face in Church but the body of Christ is one body. The Church, the Black Churches, I'm very good at it. I don't need to rehearse but I will work with a choir. If You know anything about praise music please contact me. I would love to help lift his name. I've been blessed to play with Leandria Johnson down here and various churches throughout the South. I'd love to hear from You if you play praise music or could use a lead guitarist.

BlueSkyTradingLLC says:

Everyone pray for the world. if we who are believers, are not extending our hands, and helping people to get to christ, or to see who he is, then it all matters none. Christ came to save the sinners, as we are ALLLLLL sinners, saved by grace! Lets pray for those, that we speculate are saved, or unsaved. Last time I checked its hard to determine another man's salvation. If you know so for sure someone is not saved, ask them to receive Christ.

Russ Watkins says:

Love Jessica Reedy. She is original. Once you hear her, you always know her voice.

Nathan Sinclair says:

What's the name of the lady that's sings the second song (total prais)

Yohana Siima says:

udielle lovesgod says:

I'm putting it on the alter.

S ann Palmer says:

Le….David, Chris, Tyrone, Jacob, Daniel, Steven, Troy, Gary, Keith, Micheal Terrence #Unameit Damn LeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (I know it's her testimony but it makes me laugh) Love me some Le'Andrea she is the realest.

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