Praise and Worship Video of “Open My Heart” [Yolanda Adams]

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Great Praise and Worship Song By Yolanda Adams, “Open My Heart”.  .

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Linda Wilson says:

Jesus is coming to see about you my sister he's on time God yes he is Amen

Bobby Len Reliford Sr. says:

This Is My Inspirational Song Every Morning Before My Bible Study …

Yolanda Hawkins says:

my favorite every day

Natasha Curtis says:

Me and my man in we just lost our baby it hard time right now

Lady J says:

Be ye ever prepared for the fest of trumpets for the days are 76 fays until the feast of trumpets.
Look it up for uou will gain greay understanding of the cominh events.
August 21 and September 23 also the Revalation 12 prophecy.
May thr peace of God be yours.

Lady J says:

For we fight not against flesh anf blood. Out battle is against powers from heavenly host whom fell to this earth thousands og years before man was even l placed inside our mothers womb. So all the sense known to man but deceived we, MAN have been blind and rebellious raising hell and dont even know who we are so dam mad at. Because remember our fight is not with man but is of a spiritual kind and because of our blindness we are not prepared for the coming events.
Before You go saying she is saying the world is coming to an end and ha no one knows the day or the hour. But there will be signs to alert you and the first great sign will be happening on SEPTEMBER 23, 2017. To know what event will be happening on that date read revaluation 12:4 to the end also you tube the book of ENOCH and THE 1st BOOK OF ADAM and EVE. If even just one of you follow these simple instructions, Praise the LORD my job is done now your eyes are open and your ready to fight the good fight with more information. Be ye informed. For Gods people parrish because of the lack of knowledge

tremaine terrell says:

I'm in Daytona 🌴 Florida

tremaine terrell says:

Your favorite song

tremaine terrell says:

Tremaine Jamall Terrell

Jean Twhitley says:

my favorite gospel of Today's time 2k love it,

jazmyne williams says:

Lord please show me the way. please pray for me anyone reading this. that I don't fall short of his grace. and be the woman of Christ that I know I can and lead others. in Jesus name amen

Sharon Wilson says:

I open up and i am speaking out 2 My GOD.Lead me guide me show me and now I am going in such a wonderful Blessed way.Lord I Thank You!Amen

Paula Davidson says:

sorry for your loss. from another Paula 🙂

cammiegolden says:

You're the lover of my soul, captain of my sea I need a word from you…Love those lyrics!

werenotthesame27 says:

god bless everybody.

Tina Woods says:

So yes everyone thank u so much u are now my family me and the kids are moving out by January 7 thing u everyone u don't how much I cried when they told me my kids stood up and said mom u did it and we have our own place now thank u everyone I can not tell how all of u help me thank u so much Amen

Robin Young says:

I am blessed

Alana Reid says:

Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ Jesus which strengthens me

Black Wood says:

This song is so deep and 100.000% right help us our Lord and savior in your son name Jesus Christ amen

Katrina Robinson says:

I will have the victory James chpt 1 17 every good gift n every perfect gift comes from above that cometh down from the Father of lights Amen

Ray Chel says:

I passed my lpn test listening and believing in every word she sung

Jemmeder Jemmeder says:

Lover of my soul, Captain of my sea!!!

April Waters says:

May God keep you and bless you always. Just don't give up keep the faith. And know that God sees you and Loves you.

Michelle McClure says:

I suffer from major depression and anxiety.
I have days where I feel great, then there are the days where I feel hopeless, worthless, sad.
Without my Lord, I would have ended my life.
He's my rock! I feel he's the only one who truly gets me
I'll never fully understand why he favors me, he is so HOLY and powerful.

Ms.Kande revised says:

show me how😇

Tyrone Bell Jr says:

Anybody here after the post on snoop Dogg Ig ?

Jude Williams says:


Renee Murray says:

I have not people but spirits that are trying to stop me from getting what God has for me satin is a liar Lord guide my steps I need a word from u

Kierra Becton says:

just open ur heart cause god hears and sees all

tommy hill says:

Rest in peace luretta ann i miss you grandma watch over us miss you !

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