Praise and Worship Video of “Open My Heart” [Yolanda Adams]

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Great Praise and Worship Song By Yolanda Adams, “Open My Heart”.  .


Ray Chel says:

I passed my lpn test listening and believing in every word she sung

Jemmeder Jemmeder says:

Lover of my soul, Captain of my sea!!!

April Waters says:

May God keep you and bless you always. Just don't give up keep the faith. And know that God sees you and Loves you.

Michelle McClure says:

I suffer from major depression and anxiety.
I have days where I feel great, then there are the days where I feel hopeless, worthless, sad.
Without my Lord, I would have ended my life.
He's my rock! I feel he's the only one who truly gets me
I'll never fully understand why he favors me, he is so HOLY and powerful.

Ms.Kande revised says:

show me how😇

Tyrone Bell Jr says:

Anybody here after the post on snoop Dogg Ig ?

Jude Williams says:


Renee Murray says:

I have not people but spirits that are trying to stop me from getting what God has for me satin is a liar Lord guide my steps I need a word from u

Kierra Becton says:

just open ur heart cause god hears and sees all

tommy hill says:

Rest in peace luretta ann i miss you grandma watch over us miss you !

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