Worship Music Video – I’m Gonna Be Ready [Yolanda Adams]

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Be Encouraged by this awesome worship video by Yolanda Adams, “I’m Gonna Be Ready”.

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Deborah Wilson says:

This song is so powerful. Prepare me Lord!!!

Tokyo Jetz says:

I am going through so much right now but I know God is going to work it out for me father God I need you to step into my life and prepare my life I had a ruff year but I know you are going too work it out for me I know you is I got faith in you I luv you Lord

Jasmine Goshea says:

This song gives me strength to continue on…. no matter what I'm feeling at the moment. I play this song and it heals all. Life is a test and God wants us to pass. I've been tested in so many ways and have failed. But when I first heard this song I knew that some of these tests I was given in my life I passed and was so young to realize I was being tested. God never make mistakes.

taylor gordon says:

Patrick and Taylor always

Mpho Moletedi says:

this time I'm gonna be ready ✌

Demeika Weddington says:


Ebony Mccall says:

Every time I hear this I cry makes me think of my mom whose been gone for 17 years rip mama I love you 😘😭🙏🏽😇

Rhonda Mclaurin says:

this is my testimony son and i Love Yolanda

Angela Amerson says:

🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾praise God!

Tymiko Spencer says:

God have strengthen me along in life with life changes everyday. I give everything to God. I cant do nothing without him. I'm so blessed.

Elizabeth Carswell says:

next time I will be READY, beyond what I SEE You Know what's BEST FOR. I KNOW I AM.GONNA BE READY, USE ME AS YOU WILL 🙏

Angel White says:

Yolanda Adams your music has been through all my battles. even in the mist of it. Other said I was a hypocrite. Case during my bondage I listend. God speaks through you. I didn't believe that anyway case from experience. I knew/Now God will save you in the mist/middle of what EVER bondage holding us back. Truly thankful for you shearing your blessings with the world

Aretha Harris says:

Sometime in life we make choices that are not good for us. God is always there to catch us when we fall. He dosen't point fingers when you make a mistake and His love is ever lasting. I THANK GOD FOR HIS UNCHANGING LOVE AND MERCY THAT HE SHOWS HIS CHILDREN.

Charles Roden says:

sweet song bring me to tears


God is good. JESUS I love calling your name

Joyce Regina says:


Latria Manuel says:

I'm in Love with this Gospel Song! I play it to Self. ❤

lacoria morris says:

R.I.P to my beautiful friend Dashia im gonna miss you girl💔😥💯

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