Black Gospel Handclapping”Pentecostal Praise” Bishop Leonard Scott

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Enjoy Bishop Leonard Scott as he leads us in  Hymns & Church Songs [Live From Alabama]. Go ahead and clap your hands together and get into the Praise…..



Ferre Van Geert says:

like if you know this from reaction time

TheOmniWasher says:

Who came here because of Reaction Time?

Lyn Ackerman says:

reaction time

TRIangle says:

who came here from reaction time/Tal Fishman

Justin Lu says:

Thats how you make children interested and praise the lord

Justin Lu says:

My favorite church song

John Doe . 2 years later says:

Who came here from reaction time

Christian Kopet says:

I laughed so hard when he said "You used to shake what you had and didn't have"😂😂

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