Black Gospel Worship – “He Saw The Best In Me ” [Marvin Sapp]

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Marvin Sapp’s “He Saw The Best In Me”.  It’s part of my personal testimony…….

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adonis Burton says:

I honestly can say that every time I play this song it brings joy to my heart… Because, I've been in the pit while he seen the best in me and now at 31, I honestly can say that he saw the best in me while the first shall become last and last shall become first. Amen.

Ray Mclean says:

i am 11 and i love this song so much GOD IS MY KING

Albanni Harris says:

God has u through everything. He is my lord & savior. GOD BLESS!

MrJaquacious says:

you are began and end no matter what? worst inn me shall show leave me devil

Shelley Thomas says:

Thanking the Father for His mercy and grace in my life.

Cherryville Carpenter says:

i love this song its definetly on my playlist

Audrey Norton says:

Thank YOu LOrd Jesus Christ. For Lovely Me Always

Tiffany Lynch says:

he definitely saw the best in me when everyone else could​only see the worst in me

McQuetta CarterII says:

In my life I have noticed I have been hurt, fooled, and mentally tormented. I had to comment just to speak my mind about the spirit. If someone is around you and they are lacking I do believe God and his son Jesus Christ can only fix it. No matter if it's financial, mental or physical it can be done or overcome through God himself. I don't know what God is preparing me for but I do know my heart is hurting from what I already have gone through. The only thing I would have left to do is avoid the negative things and follow God and his commandments. From childhood til now and the current way I feel is to only blame myself. I love God and Jesus Christ for bringing me this far and thankful. At this very moment I noticed it's been times I have reached out but the only answer or attention was from God his son Jesus Christ. The only thing I want to do is be able to provide my children with what they need. I am a person who can only turn to God and Jesus Christ for assistance. I have been laughed at, joked about and taken for granted and need a new surrounding for my children and I . May I continue to allow God and Jesus Christ to bless my children and I. Love all MCII


Please pray for me … going thru something that I would've never imagined ! Jesus here I am 🙌🏽

Desiree Butler says:

hes mine im hes it doesnt matter what i did he only sees me who i am !

Robin Ray says:

I love this.. I love to see other people support others with there story. Its like God is using word thru his people. This is better than Facebook, Instagram, ect… I just love the support group of God's People. I just want to thank everyone on here with there support uplifting testimonies. God is sooo good. God sees the best 👍💯 in everyone here who tapped into what I call God's Support Group.. Stay strong everyone. Gods sees the best in us.. It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. I love you all my Christian Brothers and Sisters.. Everyone have a Blessed week.. Just voicing my own opinion.

Tracie Dinkins says:

over 32 operation still standing

Cherise Wells says:

Been feeling really down and depressed lately the tears won't stop coming down

Psalms5113 says:

He sees the best in me

willing too stay Young says:

I know that Feeling a little to Well.

April Smith says:

true love from above our God is great & more! He saw the best in me yes Lord Jesus Christ holy spirit AMEN! Love y'all soo much!

Krystal Jones says:

I am 22 a mother n soon to be engaged to my son's father last month I was just recently diagnosed with TTP a rare blood disorder I was so scared n lost I doubted my faith n if God was listening and I doubted myself n my ability to be strong and believe I been in the Hospital for 3 weeks but God has shown me so much that I have not been scared or worried because I know his plans for me is bigger n my life is not over n I am healed because he saw the best in me n I'm claiming my blessings anyone going through alot Pray Let God show up and Show out let him use I n u will find it in urself to keep fighting God Bless Everyone

Sunita Thornton says:

The Devil is out there after the GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY . Let GOD fight your battles, and sit back and smile. He will do it when everybody else said you couldn't do it!!!

Phat Mama says:

if you have a minute, please read my story. Im reaching out for help from all believers that God is able. Please donate whatever you can. Every little bit helps

Melissa Byrd says:

He saw the best in me thank you Jesus 🤗

Kesha Medley says:

Bless me god

Debra Parks says:

He is mines and I am his……oh Lord it doesn't matter what I did!

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