Christian Music Video – Britt Nicole’s “Pave”

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Enjoy the Official music video for “Pave” by Christian Artist Britt Nicole.

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Music video for Pave by Britt Nicole. (P) (C) 2016 Capitol CMG Label Group


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Jayme Appleman says:

who here loves my Lord Jesus Christ

Jayme Appleman says:

Praise Jesus

Scott Reams says:

I ♥️Britt Nicole’s song “headphones 🎧”

Noahide says:

Dear Britt. I currently own one of your CDs. It's listened to on a rare occasion. This song is very cool. I'm Noahide. Genesis 9. Noahide Books explains the faith –

Carol Ruvah says:

2019 anyone👌♥️

Rawtheran says:

In a world full of breakup songs here is Britt Nicole writing about her awesome Godly love for her husband

London Love says:

Love it! Btw, 2019 anyone? :p

Antonio Ross says:

wish that was my baby with britt

m c says:

2:02 😍😂😂

Lidia Celeste Guerrero Jimenez says:

like si escuchas a Britt en Latinoamerica.

Moses Ko says:

you're daughter!!! OMG! so ADORABLE!!! YOU ROCK IT BRITT!!!

sherrywalton00 says:

her kid is sooooo cute! she is my best'est singer in the whole world!!!

lavynia Marques says:

Love britt❤❤

All About Glaucoma Pt 2 Jasmyn Polite says:

She's sooooo cute!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

Geiji Enduro says:

This song is so boring.

simsfreeplaygamer says:

I was at your concert once and you touched me and my sisters face and said look at these beautiful girls 🙂

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