Contemporary Christian Music Video by Britt Nicole – “The Lost Get Found”

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Christian Music video by Britt Nicole performing “The Lost Get Found” (Official Music Video).

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Jaedie Smith says:

I love her so much…thanks Britt nicole

Batman Wayne says:

I love this song and it’s 2019❤️😁

Molly Atieno says:

Don't be afraid to stand out

Joseph Parker says:

One thing that makes me glad even for the church I go to. We take these kinds of risks all the time.

Grace Main says:

I also did some like you did but My class I asked my teacher if we could do a project and it was with hates and cloves and sockes but we had 2 bins full of hates gloves and sockes but I brote in 45 bibles

Drew Bond says:

2019 anyone?

Renan Theo says:

We are in 2019 and this song still tells me 🙂 #fromBrazil

David Lartey says:


Gabriel Monarrez OFICIAL says:

Exelen brother JGMM

Nieman neu says:

Let's Go! 🙂

mac. LHaven says:

I just love the fact that she is an amazing christian artist and that her songs can relate so much to people like our fears and her songs just inspire people that it's ok and that God's got your back >_<

Ojok moses walter oyo says:

Wow good song. You rock it Nicole.

ssaye89 says:

God Bless Her.

Harry Truman says:

I love this artist!

Sara Brownell says:

I spread the word

Kitty Corn says:

Beautiful song =3

Lavenya says:


onceuponanexploration says:

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Isaiah Cole says:

This is the greatest song ever written! I don't know what I would do without this. I am going to be "somebody's reason to believe"

Sapphire_Studio爱所有人 says:

My favorite song ❤
I used this song for a dance thing at school and I can say, I did pretty well. Sadly I didn't win, it was my friend's class but I'm sure if the students are allowed to vote, my class will win. 😏
I'm sorry for my bad grammar I'm still 10 years old

•Smug pug• says:

I've been broken by many words others have said to me.. their words peircing my skin.. they would hang insults around my neck.. inviting anyone to join in.. I always think "today is gonna be a good day!" Then I'm proved wrong.. I've lost all of my friends for telling them my problems and having anxiety attacks.. I used to do good in school but I suddenly started failing.. nobody has known that I've been suicidal.. all I want is peace.. I don't want this voice in my head anymore.. all it tells me is "just do it, nobody will care. It just hurts a little, it's all worth it in the end."

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