Live Black Gospel Music from Geoffrey Golden – All Things Get Better (Lyric Video)

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Sing Along and Join in Worship with Geoffrey Golden singing “All Things Get Better” From his album “Kingdom…LIVE!”

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konatee Greg Morris says:

Wow, this guy is good; more anointing brethren

Solomon Yeboah says:

Song deserves way more recognition than it has already. God Bless you brother

Tay Diva says:

This song is beautiful Keep up the Good work

Lady Kathi Mills says:

Love the simplicity of this song!!!

Jo-Gianna Hall says:

this song πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

InfoMan says:

the lyrics: not one mistake can undo grace! glorrrrraaaayyyy! Yeshua doesn't give up on us!

LaTrinaMoore says:


Spirit'And'In Truth says:

This song is blessing me Right Now!!!

Icr dimples says:

All things get Better!**

Anne - Vasthi Louissaint says:

All of you sing for the glory of God!
That is a heavenly gift!

Zoe chavarria says:

What an anointed voice..All things get better..πŸ‘πŸ‘

Planter Petra says:

Christ is Lord!!!!!

Richard Richards says:

Well done. May Jesus reveal more songs unto you. Amen.

Richard Richards says:

There's no division in the body of Jesus Christ.
God called us to work together as one body in Jesus Christ to accomplish His divine purpose here on earth especially those of us who have confessed Jesus Christ as our Saviour!
Nothing like I'm better than you or you are better than me in the sight of God! He sees us as one body in Him working together in His vineyard.

Most of the Gospel songs we hear, here and there, were actually sang by someone without our knowledge.
We sing songs which was written by someone one way or the other.

Let's work together to advance the Kingdom of God here on earth as we travel through it.
We should let our conversations lift up one another! Tell someone you are the best, You did really good, I'm proud of you, You can do it, Don't give up,etc.
Most people are doing their best to contribute to the Kingdom of God. What are you doing for the Kingdom? What have you done for the Kingdom? Can God count on you?

Bless someone today with your words. You may not agree with them, like them and for so many reasons, but yet still
let's lift up one another for we need each other especially in the Body of Jesus Christ! Stay Blessed. Amen.

santonia none says:

My new anthem!

katelyn williams says:

How am I now discovering this guy???

Sweet Sheri says:

Is this the winner of Sunday's Best????

Alberta Middleton says:

Yes, kirk is timeless and unique. I love the way Geoffrey ministers in sing. he is so passionate about what he's singing. He is a tad bit reserved here, but on Sunday's Best he cut up. He is amazing.

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