Live Praise and Worship Music Video – “Even When It Hurts” by Hillsong UNITED

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Enjoy “Even When It Hurts’ by Hillsong United.  Live Praise and Worship Music

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james kaggwa says:

Amen… we shall always praise his name because no one is compared to him … thanx hillsong united

Blake Allison Covers says:

so good, even when it hurts like hell

Moon Sun says:

please pray for me. I have a problem 😞

Porshia Green says:

well recently went on Facebook many people are being use by Satan to have my page shut down just cause I share dreams and sciptures but listening to this song reminds me why not to give up thank you for allowing God to use you please pray for me I am all new to this I had no idea I was dreaming about the Bible I just need some support I just have God right now but I feel like writing this I will get more support God bless

Sabda Dachi says:

I was in a sorrow and problem while hearing this Song. and I was going to end my life too. But Then I shut my mouth, I cried…
I am grateful because I had a wonderful life in His love.

Brodi Walters says:

It's hard to live, sometimes i wish God would actually listen.

Camila Rocha says:

Lindo demais!!!!
Obrigada por esta canção!

Too Beautiful!!!
Thank you for this wonderful song.

Chris Van Fleet says:

The dream was of a lifting up above the clouds and above the earth as a command to all creation throughout all ages to praise you Jesus. I long to be sensitive to your Holy Spirit once again, oh Lord. Help me to be convicted Lord. Please take the callousness of my soul away, oh Lord. Thank you that your righteousness has prevailed over ALL sin & death.

Valentine Okwudili says:

Wow! This shocked me

Zolboo Enkhjargal says:

Even when my time on earth is done
Louder then I'll sing your praise Amen


Even when it hurts I will praise You

sydney wilson says:

I lost my home to a forest fire may 3rd 2016. I can't express the devastation I had felt losing everything and my accomplishments up to grade 11. It felt like everything I had done and worked hard for was nothing. I listened to this song every day for months and it helped ease my pain in my heart from the trauma and guilt. This song has so much meaning to me and I'm grateful. God has a plan.

Karito García says:

this is a catholic song or christian?

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