Live Worship Music Video of Matt Redman – “It Is Well With My Soul” (Acoustic)

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Awesome Worship Video of Matt Redman Singing “It is Well With My Song” Live at Abbey Road Studios.

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Acoustic video for “It Is Well With My Soul” by Matt Redman.
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Music video by Matt Redman performing It Is Well With My Soul. (C) 2015 sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records

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From few days I am disturb one day suddenly this sing come my heart and it's my best experience . with god .

Sharilee Ensz says:

This song is so refreshing to listen to after all the 21 pilots songs I used to listen to. I want everything to be well with my soul.

Caroline A says:

Indeed it is well

Bernas Simbolon says:

God bless you all 😀

Ely N says:

"For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of living water, and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes." – Revelation 7:17

Some days my soul becomes so restless that I come so near to giving up. I find myself screaming out to my Savior, begging for a call to His side. I do not know why He has endured me, or called me to endure, and I have no idea what His plan is for me. I know I am included in His plan. This knowledge comes at a burden…some days I honestly feel…and say…I can't handle the trials of life. They are winning.

Songs like this bring me hope. Not for an altered, better life. Not that maybe someday on this Earth things will be better. But that I know for every minute, every second I endure this pain that I know Jesus weeps for too, is one second closer to eternity with no looking back; an eternity without fear, or worry, or pain, or depression…a future without panic. A future of plenty, and of eternity, and of peace and all the comforts that could not have possibly come of our own mortal lives. Even hope goes so far, as I find myself begging God for this eternity to come sooner.

Living water…the Living water. Sometimes I don't really look at this metaphorically. I imagine Him saying "Come, my beloved son, for because you have believed in Me, you have endured the trials of life and the effects of sin far too long. Drink from this, and never again worry. Never again panic, or endure any suffering. For I am here now, and as I have kept every promise before, so too will I keep this one…you are perfect in my eyes, and you will never endure pain again."

Daniella odoom says:

126 people hate this song that is really bad they need to be prayed for 😲😲😲😑

Daniella odoom says:

Who will really hate this good song ???❤️❤️❤️

Annette Botha says:

Thank you for a wonderful true song..

suvarna joy says:

Suvarna Joy
Really excellent worship.10000 reasons and It is well………
I enjoyed a lot…………….

Nezia M.V says:

really blessful song heard touching .may God shower blessings

Aisha Sivanesan says:

i luv ths song …i can feel the presence of holy spirit

Shashwat Thakur says:

God loves us all and we should always keep loving him. 🙂

khumba James says:

beautiful song Matt. Thank you for your ministry.

Cynthia Tan says:

It heals alsp my soul! Thank you Abba, Father…

bob palmer says:

99 did not like this song? What's not to like? Open up and let the Holy Spirit fill your soul!!

Shiny Dorkes says:

He is well with my soul all the time, Amen

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