Medley of Praise and Worship Songs by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

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Here’s some of the Best Tasha Cobbs Leonard Worship Songs.  Enjoy over 50 min of Praise and Worship Music by one of our Great Gospel Singers.

1. Tasha Cobbs Leonard – Here As In Heaven
2. Tasha Cobbs Leonard – As We Cry
3. Tasha Cobbs Worship Medley
4. You are alpha and Omega
5. What a Mighty God we serve
6. Smile
7. For your glory
8. Fill Me Up
9. Put a praise on it
10. Jesus did it
11. Chasing after You


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Carol Boone says:

Pastor Leonard
I love this song (True Worship Song) we need his spirit at all time as long as we in the land of the living, God Glory the Spirit of the Lord. Amen

Innher Sakala says:

My God is intentional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Belinda Mensah says:

I wandered for long, found myself here and I'm staying … For good

Charlisa Dixon says:

Thank you for putting this together. I am at work grading and praising. Almost forgot I was at work and got up to run!!!

Samantha Gertrude says:

Today the enemy wanted to destroy my soul today but after listening to this worship my heart got healed

Beverley Allen A says:

Lord lord I cry 😢 for you I want to see you 👸👀

Beverley Allen A says:

I love 💖 worship with you 💖

Anne Mary Agaba says:

this is beautiful especially her testimony about her losing her voice

Harrietta Adekunle Tayo says:


Nero Hero says:

Dumb bich ass nigga sing that song all of them silly cunts can't sing at all ugly

Jasmine Taylor says:

I just love this worship! Takes me in every time. God is a awesome God!

Carol Boone says:

Pastor Tasha Cobb's Leonardo May God continually to bless you in Music Ministry dept at Relentless church and Congratulations to you as well. Amen

Starr Alexander-Seymour says:

yes yes Yyyeeeaaa Lord thanks you Thanks you Lord. hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah ABBA you are my best part

S Campbell says:

Here's my worship, smile! I wanna make you smile Lord because you won't let me down, you won't let me fall or break my heart. I can trust you. Thank you Lord.

Rawle Mawers says:

God is good.all the time

Carol Boone says:

Happy Resurrection Sunday to you and family. Amen

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