Powerful Worship Music Video by Yolanda Adams – “I’m Gonna Be Ready” (Believe”)d Dec 04, 2001

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Enjoy Yolanda Adams singing “I’m Gonna Be Ready”.

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Corlis Colter says:

I cry when I listen to this song it fills my heart with joy.my mom passed away March the30th I miss her so much I wasn't prepared for her death when it's my time I just wanna be ready not saying she wasn't she was.

Steph Lewis says:

Sitting here listing to ms. YOLANDA ADAMS  and when this lady sing you can't help but believe what she be singing

Quincy Smith says:

I love "YOU" Yolanda!  GOD bless "YOU!"  <3

Nicole La'Chae says:

this is making me 😢 and god is all whats by me. and i thank god for all and how ever one of us going to heaven and i have a lot or family in that is in heaven thank you god

Trinity Carriker says:

I say a prayer every night

Ingrid Cross says:

i love this

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