Praise and Worship Music Video – You Were In It After All (Larnelle Harris)

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Contemporary Praise and Worship Video featuring Larnell Harris’s “You Were In It After All”.  Listen and Be Inspired….

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Philip Arthur says:

This song has really inspired me lately from this great man of God. You are blessed and so is all that is yours. God has used you over the years to inspire me and that place in my heart for you, has still not been taken by any musician yet.

Lore Perry says:

I cry every time I listen to this song. Endured much in my childhood when this song came out – it was my go-to for a reminder that God was always there…

evangelist vivian countryman-bailey says:

Praise God giving him all the Honor, Glory & Praise!! Please listen to
Benny Hinn's Wings of Worship…..Go to Comments, Read the Prayer
that I Posted for Holy Spirit……WORSHIP, IN JESUS NAME.AMEN

Alvene Alston says:

I didn't know that ether, He was with me in ALL my dark days after ll.

Rev. John W.Goffe Sr. says:

Does it get any better than this??

Anita Collins says:

Love this song

chocoqt says:

This song has blessed my soul on today!!

Debbie Wilkinson says:

Love this man, had the opportunity too sing in the choir at Carpenter Home Church in Lakeland Florida, you were there for a concert and we backed you on some songs. God bless you, I will always remember this, saw you in concert at the Night Of Joy in Disney World.

Janice Haynes says:

Real ministry to you when you feel down

amannyrios says:

This song changed my life in 1983 in Janesville, WI and it continues to be a changing experience.


Great song even greater Artist

Vagner Pimenta says:

I am from Brazil,Rio De Janeiro,Bangu.
This song is beautiful.

Kenneth Grimes says:

to God be the glory…He is in it after all

Amy Bartholomew says:

Heard this song tonight in a hotel restroom. Instantly I was brought back 20 plus years to when I would hear this on the radio. Love this song!

Washington Knoten says:

Love Larnelle!

Becky Mondi says:

One of Christian music's best messages..thank you, Larnelle. Glory to God.

Janet Roberts says:

Tremendous song about the Lord's Love, Mercy and Grace towards us.

darktemplar05 says:

i tell you all…this song was my life back in junior high. growing up on the autism spectrum was hard. i cried all the time bc i had no friends, girls didn't like me, teachers had it out for me and i was bullied. everytime i hear this song i sing along with it and i truly praise the Lord that He was my friend when no one else was. i can lay those horrible memories to rest because i see that Jesus really was in the trenches with me after all…

Joseph SMITH says:

Jesus is Lucifer the Attorney.

mifanointed1 says:

In the midst of a trail this song put my focus back on God.

Prim Stargazer says:

Wow great reminder!

leonel Alvarado says:

thanks for posting

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