Praise and Worship Video “I Can Only Imagine” (Tamela Mann)

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Praise and Worship Video of Tamela Mann singing “I Can Only Imagine”.  Just love her sincere passion…

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Latavia Freeman says:

my aunt died of ALS she was fighting until god called her home I did a mime dance to this I can only imagine how happy she is to stop hurting and just be free of all of the sickness she had

Liletta Motley says:

Hallelujah!!!! This song takes me to a higher place in worship. Just to imagine what it would be like to go before the King of Glory! The song writer was under the anointing of the most high God! This song has crossed lines of color, creed, and religion! I just praise God for the visionary whose vision continues to spread like a forest fire.

Leane Woods says:

I just love this song thank God for Jesus❤️

Renelle Everett says:

Better than the original! So anointed! She really expresses the wonder of God through her version.

Elijah Lynch Lynch says:

doing this song as a solo mime at great uncles funeral

Nitra McCarter says:

I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness and our belief is to be here on earth when He destroy Satan old evil world and bring forth a paradise earth for all believers to enjoy and resurrect all our love ones we lost to this old world…so I can only imagine how wonderful it will be to see my fiancé I lost in 2002 to murder, my two sisters one in 2007 and 2012 to cancer and just recently my father May 1st 2017 he was 82. the joy this purpose will bring I CAN ONLY IMAGINE….

shayla Diamond says:

Thank you god 💯😭

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