Praise and Worship Video of “I’m Not Who I Was” [Brandon Heath]

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Brandon Heath’s Praise and Worship music video for ‘I’m Not Who I Was’. Enjoy….

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Junior Sousa says:

Alguém ouvindo em 2017?

Judson Warren says:

Im only 14 but Jesus changed my life completely. I’m NOT who I was

Austin Gaither says:

i like this song

James Lake says:

I have listened to Brandon Heath since I was a kid and recently I got to see him up close in a concert July 9,2017 at my home church and he was such a humble and godly man to talk to. I'm so glad I got to talk to one of the most inspiring people in my life, first including Jesus Christ my savior.

Guary Jacques says:

Very good..Thank you brother, keep your beauty in Christ

Bob Jordan says:

What a perfect song! I first listened to this about three years ago. Just listened again today. Played it several times. When I say it's perfect, I mean the melody, lyrics, video…everything. I can so relate to this song, in fact I felt like it was written for me. Superb job, Brandon !!

Christian Healing-Blog says:

Beautiful truth to meditate on. Blessings from your friends at the

Win Thant says:

Pretty amazing

Brynda Moore says:

Once the Lord Touched my life ,Ive not been the same person. I am True to myself now and Love Our Lord God With All My Heart!! He worked in me in such a increddiable way its hard to imagine. He has wipped all my sins away .I am a New Person Threw Christ!!!! Brynda Moore 9-26-17

Jay Bryant says:

love this song

Mark Gagne says:

I pray that we are all disepls making disepls love one another

Stephany Mitchell says:

i like this song

Mark Gagne says:

this song just has that spechal place in my heart praise God

Anna The Panda says:

The lyrics are beautifully written!

Rodney Hampton says:

Great song. Great message. RHamptonCISSP

ReddyWolfGaming says:

I wish they will put this back on radio

Arya Jasmine says:

I miss those days of my childhood innocence.. days pledged for God solely.. :'(
Will things ever be the same .. will these scars remain.. I wonder LORD

Walkin Bonita says:

Thank you for last night at Red Rocks…wish I could have stuck around for a while to feel the vibes. Lil under the weather. Gr8 concert. So glad I got to see you under the stars and the golden full moon. Amazing night never to be forgotten.

Hannah Larson says:

I had a failed friendship about three years ago. Forgiveness is freaking hard, but so worth it!

clean gal says:

brings back memories when i was growing up

Official Maddie says:

I love this song so much. I'm still working on not being who I was. But I love Brandon Heath and this song and his other song named Give me your eyes are two of my most favorite songs in the world. I'll make covers of them soon. God bless everyone ♡

Ginger says:

Now this is music. Thanks

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