Praise Music Video by MercyMe “Flawless” (Official Music Video)

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Enjoy this Praise and Worship Music Video of “Flawless” by MercyMeFrom. From the album “Welcome To The New”.  The Cross Made Us Flawless.  The Cross Was Enough to Cover All of Our Sins.  Introducing you to Amazing Grace

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Alissa Shields says:

my sister Elizabeth she her heart was beating fast and when she got out we ran to the door my dad was prying on day one and she pasted out when she got out of the shower then they went to the hospital

Joshua Ehl says:

Still love this song and the video is brilliant

Juliette Schmauder says:

so inspirational!! It's so great to know that they're christains on the youtube world too, and they can leave great comments

Julio Isaias Núñez Rivera says:

I'm battling against sexual desires, but God will make me a right man.

VeedaLynn Moad-Hale says:

My favorite.

DL Kessler says:

I can Never get too much of this song. Speaks to me every time I hear it. I believe God spoke to the writer of this song. It speaks to the heart…..of the saved…..and I"m Sure….the unsaved who became saved after hearing it. That's what I believe.

Richard Ruelas says:

Bart is haunted by his past I am haunted by my past Bart Millard

Emily Blankinship says:

I love this song!##!#

Joan Kelsie says:

I absolutely love this song. Blesses me over and over again. Reminds me that I am not the author of my salvation; JESUS IS! Keep on singing. What a blessing you are! Love your ministry. Thank you and God bless!

Natalie Smith says:

i am only nine and ALL i listen to is worship songs

Kelly Beier says:

i love this song! that young man must be Bart's son.

Peter Goodwin says:

My close friends feel emptied in her life , I send her this song ,to lift up her spirit , thank you

Kevin Allen says:


John Smith says:

92,000 people liked this video. There is still hope! Imagine if we all took a step together.

Depp99ful says:

This song hits me hard because I feel I'm stuck between the life I want to live with him and the life I'm struggling to leave behind.

Chris Heh says:

I love this song may God bless u with more of this..

Melissa Steven says:

Absolutely powerful and beautifully written and performed!

Coco says:

can someone make a cover of this but throw out all the religious parts and replace it with something that makes it a love song?

Reggie McGinness says:

MercyMe you should make a song with Chris Tomlin since you guys and him are really good

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