Praise Music Video by Steven Curtis Chapman “The Great Adventure”

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Praise Music video by Steven Curtis Chapman performing “The Great Adventure”.

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David Ferreira Gregory says:

The Great Adventure is one of my favorite SCC songs. Brings me memories of when I was a young Christian at age 15 and the possibilities that I would have with Father God.

I Love Jesus says:

This song brings back wonderful memories of my childhood! I grew up listening to this!

Boss Family says:

this is one of my favorite songs

kristen21023 says:

Great song!!

Lord Spoon says:

I saw him in concert during the rock and worship roadshow.

drby0788 says:

That is a 90s haircut for sure lol

ruislip1964 says:

This still makes me think about the Summer of 1992, when I worked at Ridgecrest Conference Center near Asheville, NC

drby0788 says:

My dad had his live DVD and this was the only song I remember lol. That was back in the late 90s! Man how time flies

Issac Murphy says:

i understand that me myself can behavior and nice cowboy and that i am will continue to be a cowboy forever me and my horse Amen i like this song

Becka Dillon says:

First heard this song in 1992, saw him perform it live in 94. Oddly enough, humming this song helped lift my spirits when I got locked up for a week.

fast fretting says:

What a Master-piece for our God!!

Kevin Gamblin says:

Back when this song came out I wasn't listening to Contemporary Christian music. I heard it on the radio a few weeks ago for the first time. I absolutely love it!!

tarryn Dunkley says:

this song changed the way I see my life…even all these years later I start my day with it. This is what God wants to hear from us – He's rocking along with us ! love it!

Brian Philbrook says:

This was the first Stephen Curtis Chapman song I heard when I was a kid in the 90's and later when I got older got me into the guitar and singing. Easily the greatest artist. I got to go to a concert years ago in Portland Me to see him, Chris Tomlin and casting crowns

Zach Marion says:

John Cougar Chapman.

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