Praise Music Video of Big Daddy Weave “Alive”

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Join in the Praise with Big Daddy Weave as he sings “Alive”.   But God…

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wanlly alvarez says:


Ailsie N. says:

this song is SO underrated 🙁

Han Solo says:

saw them Sat night – AWESOME show and a more AWESOME MESSAGE – GLORY BOUND!!!

roywaggoner says:

Wonderful monergistic Calvinistic song. It’s all of God. We contribute nothing to our salvation, not even belief. God draws us.

Cressidia The Gacha Tuber says:

I went to their concert on March 22nd in Beaver Falls, Pa and I can vouch I am alive

Laura's Hope says:


ZackAttack 2144 says:

I wanna hear Zach Williams sing this song

Martin Clearman says:

Praise God in the highest, Jesus Christ is my Rock and I will worship with arms lifted high. Supreme Being, Awesome God, my Creator and Jehovah!!!!!! Thank you with utmost praise!!!

trish williams says:

alive & 🖤ing Father

Sam Ciesinski says:


Ana Herrera says:

🙌 I'm Alive!

Jason Gold says:

Awesome Song

Lexandria says:

I love this song it’s my favorite 💒💜

Wayne Saunders says:

What a powerful song!! I was in the grave but God called me out!!!

Tim Chissom says:

Just seen Big Daddy Weave Sunday in Houghton N.Y.. What a great night of fellowship and worship! A class act . Catch 'em when you can, you will be encouraged!!!

MomLUVZ3 says:

And Zack Williams co-wrote this song. He is also amazing!

Radical Larry says:

I think it would've been cooler if (during the underwater scene) you see him struggling and then after a few attempts he gives up and you see his eyes weaken, but then a bright light shines into the water and you see the chains break (without him doing anything) and his eyes open and he swims up.

MomLUVZ3 says:

Thank You God! Share this video everyone we need more views!!! They are awesome!

Reading Classics says:

The Kierkegaardian Leap of Faith. Beautiful.

Flower Buster says:

I don't know Gods mercy I would like to know it like big daddy weave is singing about. I haven't slept in months and don't want to die but I'm getting fed up my insurance won't pay for the oxygen the doctor says I need please pray for me! I don't seem to have a relationship with God like he singing about a lot of times I feel God doesn't want me!

Telefone Sem Fio says:

MDS eu amei amei amei amei

Antonio Matthews says:

I’m so grateful that god loves me.. All glory to him. I don’t deserve anything so I’m just so happy to be alive

Low Ann Breneman says:

Beautiful Song…

Minister Sublett says:

BUT GOD! 🙌🙌😭😭😭😭😭

Grace Hejnal says:

Jesus didn't come to make bad people good, He came to make dead people alive! ❤️✝

JoAnne Chisholm says:

I was in the grave..
But God You called me out… Now I'm alive!!! Hallelujah!!!!

The Noodle says:

I just went to see there concert last night in Marion Illinois. These guys are amazing!! 3-9-19

Amy Ball says:

Wow that was amazing

Erin Vaughn says:

My mom is really good friends with them

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