Worship Music Video “Break Every Chain” by Tasha Cobbs (Live Church Service)

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Tasha Cobbs singing “Break Every Chain” during powerful church service.  Experience some “Real Church”.  Share this with your friends….

First Baptist Church of Glenarden ,Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.,http://fbcglenarden.org

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Natasia Breakenridge says:

Yes Jesus I love my chains need to fall in the name of Jesus 17 an have a child a trust me I need the lord right now because its really stressfull for me so iam begging u Jesus break my chains from stress thank u father I love u

Rosa Pacheco says:

i go to church it's good ro go to go to church every day

Rosa Pacheco says:


Salisha Ali says:

you have good voice

RudeKaiso Productions says:

please tell me i did not see a woman smoking just as shes leaving the althar call,,,????? (24:23

Nsumba says:

awesome worship and ministry of the word, God bless yu Pr. Jenkins!


thank you jesus for i know that every chains of the enemy has been broken in my life

Esther Persaud says:

In the name of Jesus

Iyanii Bless says:

Say !
Our Father in Heaven prayer

Damion Dairsaw says:

this song just bring tears to eyes I'm not perfect i believe in Jesus Christ

401- City says:

I Hear The Chains Falling….. AMEN!!!!

Mercy Mwewa says:

wooo this is a generation

Clive Jackson says:

There is power in the Character and reputation Yah-shua the messiah Power in the Character and Reputation in Joshua , Saul , name is not just a pronunciation of a word or some letters put together , and when one evaluate his / her life if its not in accord with the character of ( Yahshua ) so call Jesus he is none of his .

William Latson says:

Tasha Cobbs you are a blessed indiividual,thank you for this video.

Agbo Henry Agbo says:


kervin Landocque says:

Thank you Jesus for everything you done for me.I give my self away so you can use me .my life is not my own .to you I belong. I give my self away. so you can use me.

Roger Turner says:

saw his picture on Facebook you wouldn't let me
I stand in the street and preach the sea
All the preachers in the world y'all want to get in a suit come get gatian buying that right

to church the way you will no I don't want to look at how good you look
Jesus they cross in my notes Holy Bible be bad peo ple
you can mirror let you know Jesus won't you and this is personal message coming from my two eggs or lips you can leave everything behind except my children

Ashly Sanderson says:

I am free!! Thank you God!

Ashly Sanderson says:

I am free!! Thank you God!

fiti loto says:

there is power, there is healing, there is life, there is joy, there is peace in the name of JESUS

Woodrena Mcwilliams says:


Sheila Bates says:

thanks for sharing this with everyone, I found this after a hard morning and God new it was just what I needed. thanks again for your love of God and for sharing it with others and letting God move through you.

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