Worship Music Video with Lyrics – Hillsong UNITED “Oceans, Where Feet May Fail”

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Sharing Hillsong United “Oceans, Where Feet May Fail” Lyric Video.

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Laura P says:

I'm gods girl, like Jesus. God created me to his/hers only girl in third december. God is female/male sided person. God is born in prykoperia. I was in mortal danger and God took me to hers/hims lap. God saved my life. God said that I have important mission terra firma. God gaved me enternal life. Thank you God.

Kevin Skii says:

Please pray for me, I'm struggling with overcoming sin

Jasper de Lange says:

This made me cry, I try to help a suicidal girl, I promised her i wont let her down, but i dont think i can help her. I pray for her every day and night. But i cant seems to get to her, this makes me quite upset and really sad.

thomas nepolian says:

beautiful song
beautiful lyrics

thomas nepolian says:

beautiful song
beautiful lyrics

Sanjay Singh says:

I am not perfect however God's Love for me has always been Perfect 👌💞👏

Lei Li Keenan says:

oh how beautiful amazing glorious 💜

Gamaliel Pagan Nazario says:

Can we get this video to 1 billion views??…. just 13 million to go!!!

Andrea Oliva says:

Itachi Uchiha ♡

Lao Pan says:

Plzz pray for my dead pet lizard. It was my best friend now it is dead 😭😭 I miss it already… 😥😩😩

Beckybec Ngaihte says:

One of my teachers requested me to this song on Teachers' Day last year…and so I sang it with all my heart and for God's glory and while I was singing this song a feeling of peace and calmness washed over me and right in that moment I knew that I will never be alone in this walk of life…Amen and thank you guys for making such a powerful song…God bless

Deborah S says:

Each day is a battle. It's so hard doing the right thing always. So hard figuring it out. That's why I love this song. It's a prayer. It's about faith and trust. A prayer that our faith and trust in Him reaches a point even we ourselves can't comprehend. Be blessed as you battle on, and as we share this prayer.

LovesommFox Xx says:

how could someone give this a thumbs down

Stephany Lopez says:

Please pray for me, ever since losing my grandmother to lung cancer i have distanced myself from the lord and i have lost my faith. Please pray for my relationship with god to get better

Jean Rolon says:

When you are lost…he'll guide. I was lost, I sinned, I promised multiple times I won't ever do it again… I failed. But when I failed, you where there motivating me to become someone better, to be who I rightfully am, to be a part of the family that I've always been, to be one of your children. You've been patient with me, you've been good to me…which I don't deserve. You always wanted me to be more because you made me and my brothers to stand out, not to fit in. You have never left me, Never have and never will. My wish is that many others that don't know you, can fell in love with you like I have and like billions have. My prayer is that the lonely know they aren't alone, that weak know they are strong, the victim know justice will come, the sick cured, the lost find their way home, and for all to be rich in spirit. God bless you all my brothers and sisters may his love and peace be with you always

leslie huerta says:

Came here because of what Kian lawless tweeted

Don't regret one bit of it.

Hg711 AJ says:

Dear lord

Thank you for the day that you have blessed us with plz heal and help the people struggling in the comments I would like to say thank you for the opsticals that you having giving me to learn from and thank you for the blessed calm days like this I would like to ask for your forgiveness from my sins and to please help me with my ADHD anxiety and the other things that have challenged me lately even though I know you do this for me to learn I do know that you are watching over all of the world and I would like to say thank you for that


Michael Of Nebadon Foundation says:


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