Contemporary Praise and Worship Music – “Even If” by MercyMe (Official Lyric Video)

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Powerful Praise and Worship Music Video with Lyrics of “Even If” by MercyMe.  Sing along to the Lyrics..

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Alex Carrier says:

Just lost a loving, Christian, family friend. This song reminds me, even through depression, that he is safe with God. Love you, Bryan.

William Breithaupt says:

God Jesus is real all else is changing and untrue. Drum part is conceived and played with great inspiration.

Martha Enriquez says:

I love this song…My Hope is in Him!!

MistyRose Lulu says:

This is so awesome! I'm holding on to this hope! I've been so broken, and I know pain and I know the hurt…i trust you Lord!

D Rek Da Hitman says:

very inspirational and has helped me thru some tough days #GiveHimPraise

Renelle Ashby says:

THANK YOU i love this song its extremely touching you gave me a smile for the night have a bless one………..

Elisette Bik says:

Even if you don't I'll still worship and praise you Lord.

Angelina Sendo says:

This is my favorite christian song ever it is so amazing!!!!!!

Leah Stover says:

I have been through a lot of traumatizing things in my life. No matter what I still love God. I love this song. What don't kill us makes us stronger.

ruby mcvay says:

today i though all hope was gone haveing hard time these day,s then i hear this song just what i needed to hear today thank,s.

Josh Morris says:

Just posted an original Christian song on my channel called Walk in the Light. Please check it out if you have a chance. God Bless 🙂

Justa SimpleMom says:

I think the best songs are written in the most difficult moments. I dont know what makes me cry more if this song or the testimonies written here, we all have the same hope. I have decided to believe Him, and that sustains my life.

Tracy Lilly says:

I know some of you have asked me if I planned to sing this song at church. I have, and you can view the video on my YouTube channel.

Kenneth Burton says:

God has a purpose for everything. Though you can never prepare for such a loss, God can prepare your heart, and show you the way to fulfill His plan for you.

chloe gilbert says:

Jesus, I trust in you!

Andrah Bell says:

such a moving song love mercy mr keep them coming

Ezra Theodores says:

I am sorry to hear that. It is hard to me to understand it too. But I pray for you, then God comforts you with His presence.

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